We manufacture all types of freestanding and fitted furniture and architectural joinery – from a rustic Medieval bench to the most contemporary of kitchens. Our products use a combination of traditional and contemporary woodworking techniques to achieve the correct effect for a given piece. Because of our background in historic cabinetry, we have developed a strong team of carvers in addition to our team of experienced cabinetmakers and joiners. We expect to work closely with our clients to make sure that every detail is exactly right.


We are focused on producing furniture from high-quality timber and veneer, primarily oak. Our main source for rough oak boards is in Austria where they custom cut and dry materials we have selected. After the boards have been properly seasoned, we personally choose and grade our material. We purchase timber only from certified companies; all the timber we use has been responsibly harvested from carefully managed forests (FSC certified). We work with our veneer suppliers in a similar way, always personally ordering bundles and inspecting the leaves‘ final appearance for desired pattern and continuity.


Finishing is a highly individual aspect of carpentry, and we respect that by offering a range of traditional and modern finishes, including antiquing and distressing techniques. We use both contemporary synthetic and water-based paint, stains, and lacquers as well as centuries-old techniques based on waxes, shellac, and oil. We also have experience with natural and ecologically sound products.